Monday, May 11, 2015

Top 10 of 5th Grade

The 10th thing that I liked this year was Strings. One of the reasons why I liked Strings so much this year is because we got to play violin or learn bile em cabbage down, (Even Start wars). Also I liked strings because we had a very funny teacher. One of his comments is ,"What the dirt man".

My 9th favorite thing this year was P.E. one reason is that we got more challenges and more games to play than last year. My 8th favorite thing this year was that I wasn't really bored at all. There was mostly always something to do. My 7th favorite thing this year was the best field trips every. They were the best field trips by far from the other grades or when we were younger.

My 6th favorite thing this year was my friends. Like Bryan or Quin, Jacob, Jack, Casey. My 5th favorite thing this year was the chromebooks. For some people this was the best year because they don't have their own laptop or computer. Another reason I liked chromebooks this year was the they were easy to move and carry. Like on trips I would take it to watch youtube or something like that.

My 4th favorite thing this year was going to Exchange City. I liked it a lot and so did other people too. It was so fun to learn and have fun at the same time. My 3rd favorite thing this year was learning so much this year and seeing how it can affect me in the future to help me get a job or something like that.

My 2nd favorite thing this year was getting to have opportunities to make new friends with new people that I don't know at all. My number 1 thing this year was having the best Teacher in the world. Mrs.Highley is so kind and nie and almost always give you a second chance to try again.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Exchange City Experience

When we got back from exchange city I was so happy that we had the field trip in the first place. It was amazing that the teachers let us experience the hard work and how tough it is to run a business or be a worker in a business. One thing that I think that I did ell at exchange city was writing checks and deposit slips because it was rely easy for me and my Mom let me do practice over the days before exchange city. One thing that still I don't know is my final balance or my checkbook. I kinda managed my money well. I did not spend as much as some people did. Really all I spent at exchange city was about 14$ and that is it. One of our items in exchange city was photo booth or buddy pics. It was scarce because we started to close the idea of taking pictures of people with there friends. Also one more thing about the buddy pics is that the camera started to die on it's battery. My business did ok with pricing items, some people wanted this and the people who did the job wanted that for the company. What I would do if I went back to exchange city is to do supply and demand more than I did before and I would try to do better is trying to get better advertisement and get more people to come to our business so that we might pay of our loan.