Friday, March 27, 2015

PBL Refelction

Our groups strength of our PBL project was pretty strong. At first we were kind of out there. And then as time went on we sort started to get into focus and shape. We were relying on focus and we were relying on each other and hoping that we would back each other up when we needed help. So basicly teamwork is what got us through this experience.

For the question would you adjust how we worked as a team during the process I would change a few things. I would change how we gave the ending to the judges. Also I would change how we practiced because when we practiced we sort of goofed off and we were playing around a little bit. Also I would change how our format went on our giant paper for our presentation.

I learned more about myself by seeing what I can see what I can design. As an example I didn't know that I could make a design or blueprint like we did. Also I didn't know that my group was so good at making blueprint etc.

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