Monday, March 16, 2015


Right now in the book my character is sneaking around to find clues to search for his friend that is missing on an island. He has to do it stealthily because there are people that that are not afraid to attack. Also he is trying to win each round to stay in because if you lose you are kicked off the island and can not come back on. He is trying to keep his winning streak to stay in the tournament and on the island. Right now my characters feelings are that if he gets caught he will get kicked of the island and never be able to find his friend (Zane) and never become a team again. Also he is worried that someone in the tournament is going to sabotage him and get him kicked off the island. He doesn't know who it is but all he know is that it is another player. This week my character is still on the hunt for Zane and still can not find him. He has looked every were on the island. Later in the book he found a secret passage that he used to search the island without being caught by an evil's dude's guards. He used the secret passage to find clues and find out a dark secret about the evil dude Chen. He was able to form an alliance to maybe have a chance to over through Chen once and for all.

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