Friday, March 27, 2015

Reading Blog Post,Journal

In this blog probably my friend or the main character in my book would be writing some crazy stuff in his journler. One thing that my character would be writing down is that is what he is doing worth is. I say this because he is teaming up with a bounty hunter or a criminal for what he has done on my character's world. BUt the catch of this bounty hunter is that he told my character is that if he helped him get someone he would pay him his hole box or to us a wallet. Also he said that he would give him a new stun blaster for his gun. I wouldn't call it a gun more of a sling shot. But he would be writing down that his life is about to get that much better with all the money he going to get from this bounty hunter.

PBL Refelction

Our groups strength of our PBL project was pretty strong. At first we were kind of out there. And then as time went on we sort started to get into focus and shape. We were relying on focus and we were relying on each other and hoping that we would back each other up when we needed help. So basicly teamwork is what got us through this experience.

For the question would you adjust how we worked as a team during the process I would change a few things. I would change how we gave the ending to the judges. Also I would change how we practiced because when we practiced we sort of goofed off and we were playing around a little bit. Also I would change how our format went on our giant paper for our presentation.

I learned more about myself by seeing what I can see what I can design. As an example I didn't know that I could make a design or blueprint like we did. Also I didn't know that my group was so good at making blueprint etc.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

PBL Presentation

The Pbl presentation for my group was good. I felt strong and confident and a little nervous. It was kind of hard if you started to look at your paper or design because the tension got to you when you looked at your paper and started to get nervous, start to sweat. But if you don't do that you will feel more confident because you feel better to make eye contact then to not make eye contact at all. Also when you go up and start talking you will feel nervous but when it is your turn to talk, in the middle of your speech you will feel GREAT.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


My character would be looking up how to build your own commlink or he would be looking up ideas that would help him get money. Also the categories my character would be in search things would be, good ways to steal stuff. My character (Ezra) lives alone because the empire took his family away. That is why he steals things from other people. He goes to the black market to sell the things he stole to get money. He is low on money and has to live in aberdeen places to survive. That is why he has to steal things. Also that is why he would be looking up the best ways to steal things on pinterest.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Right now in the book my character is sneaking around to find clues to search for his friend that is missing on an island. He has to do it stealthily because there are people that that are not afraid to attack. Also he is trying to win each round to stay in because if you lose you are kicked off the island and can not come back on. He is trying to keep his winning streak to stay in the tournament and on the island. Right now my characters feelings are that if he gets caught he will get kicked of the island and never be able to find his friend (Zane) and never become a team again. Also he is worried that someone in the tournament is going to sabotage him and get him kicked off the island. He doesn't know who it is but all he know is that it is another player. This week my character is still on the hunt for Zane and still can not find him. He has looked every were on the island. Later in the book he found a secret passage that he used to search the island without being caught by an evil's dude's guards. He used the secret passage to find clues and find out a dark secret about the evil dude Chen. He was able to form an alliance to maybe have a chance to over through Chen once and for all.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Fiery Goodness

Describing format.
The Character loves fire and red because he is the ninja of fire and has a red suit. Also he loves red things because it reminds him of hot things like hot sauce or fire.